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Education in China

Education in China :

Education is the backbone of every society. In fact, it is the most important aspect of every progressive country. Coming to the point that the education system in China. Recent statistics stated that the literacy rate of China is 82%.It is an established fact that the government of China generally follows communism. The country is also backed by strong economy as well. It is seen that China is too much influenced with the communist lifestyle. One can see prominent effects on the lives of the people are living out there. In addition to this, you can see that this way of living has also affected the other important facets of the country. The effect can be perceived well when the education of China is considered.

Facts to Remember:
Now it is time to bring the education system of China in the limelight. The researchers commented that the tenure of the education is quite short. In comparison to the education tenure of other countries, in China education is offered for only nine years. Now turning on the education of the other parts of the world like in USA it takes place for 13 years while in Canada is for 14 years. You can see a sharp distinction amongst all the countries education system.
Once you reach in China, you can see that the government has segregated the education system in to three different parts like the primary education, higher education and the adult education. The primary education actually starts at the time when the child hears about the word school that means it is the preschool stage. Moreover, this particular stage lasts for until the children reach the age of six. Just after this at the child, enter the stage of elementary education.
The next stage commends with the stage of admitting the children to secondary education. In china, two types of secondary education are in vogue. If the parents want that they want their children to be in the academic line, then academic education is given. While on the other hand vocational training is given this actually gives the children an opportunity to prepare them for the work ambience.
Then is the stage when the children can apply for the higher education. It completely depends on the students what they want to go for. They can go to the college that offers course meant for two to three years, which is actually equal to the associate degree. Else, they can also apply to the regular college programs for three to four years. This includes the bachelorís degree, masterís degree and PhD program as well.
Well you can also get hold of the adult education program which provides education to all those who have not gone through any kind of conventional schooling. In addition to this, you can also catch glimpses of the distant courses program and other specialized institutions.

Hope you understood the structure of the education that China offers. If you want to pursue your study over there you can surely go for it.




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