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Education in India

India is a beautiful country with outstanding geography and is the seat of diverse culture.Bieng a third world developing country India has enriched its knowledge in various segments of the society. Infact empowering education to all the sections of the society has become a motto of every organization and governmental institutions. History manifests that system of education was in vogue since the creation of Nalanda and Taxila universities. However, there are several reasons that had made India suffer a lot in terms of the education. One of the reasons that stand out is the economic downfall that has made the country fall in the pit.

Facts to know:

Today India has made huge progress to stand above the crowd. In case of the primary education in India, it is seen that the rate of literates has expanded to two thirds of the total population. That is no doubt sounds interesting. In fact, the advanced and progressive society has enabled the education within the reach of all the citizens.

In the year 1953, the University Grants Commission to provide high quality education. Now the education in India is segregated into various levels like the primary education, secondary education, senior secondary education and the higher education as well.

If you go through the statistics you can see that India has reached the mark of providing 17,000 colleges,106 deemed universities,217 state universities,20 central universities. Apart from these, now days distance education has geared up the speed of the education. People those who are engaged in job can definitely carry out the education in a distant mode from various government universities.

Now time is not a factor at all you can pursue higher studies at any time of the day. Indian universities will definitely make you reach the zenith and fulfill all your dreams come true. The education system also imparted a good enduring relation amongst the students and teachers as well. Even in the early days, it was seen that the gurus used to look after the students and taught them various types of shastras.

There are handfuls of people who can afford such high quality of education. However, government has provided free of cost education to all the minor sections of the society. In order to, deprive the word unemployment from the dictionary of India; the government has taken all these initiatives.

Infact Government has stated that people below 14 years should not involve in any kinds of manual labor. Instead, they should avail the Sarva Shiksha Aviyan. It would instigate them to take books as their companion.

Even it is mentioned in one of the fundamental rights of our country that Right to education should be given to all. Therefore, who ever you are should not get deprived from this right. You should experience your freedom by getting the proper education.

If you really want to see yourself a rising star, then please study. If you cannot afford then take the assistance of the government. You should make sure to check out that in detail.




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