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Education in Vietnam

Education In Vietnam

Vietnam also does endeavor to provide the best quality education to all the citizens. In fact, their main aim is to train the citizens in terms of the human resource. In addition, they also laid emphasis on increasing the general knowledge of the people. In addition to this, they do strive to inculcate basic education amongst the people to make them socially responsible. There the education system is actually divided into five different parts. Moreover, they do instigate the students to hold a great expertise in the domain of English language. The language will definitely help them to share a stupendous platform in the international level as well. As a result, this will help to promote rapid economic development.

Primary level of education:

The primary education is actually compulsory for all the children belonging to the age group from one to six. The tenure of this level lasts for five years. Statistics revealed that about 96% of the children took admission in the primary schools. The reports of 2009 and 2010 revealed that now Vietnam comprise of near about 15,172 primary schools. Over all 7.02 million students took admission out of which about 40% are said to be girls. In Vietnam, the primary education comprises of two important phases, where the first grade includes six subjects as math, moral science, physical education, etc. The second phase consists of the nine subjects as history, geography, math, science etc.

Lower Secondary education:

The lower education is also known as the intermediate education. This is not considered as the compulsory part of the education. It was discarded in the year 2006 from then the students have to pass the intermediate graduate level examination. Moreover, it includes the discipline as math, biology, chemistry, civics, history, geography etc.

Secondary education:

The secondary level includes the grade from ten to twelve. Moreover, you need to appear for an entrance examination in order to get admission. As a result, the marks of the students will decide which school they can avail. If the marks are more, then the probability for getting admission in the good schools increases. It is also seen that the work pressure of the students in the specialists schools are much more than that of the normal secondary schools. However, the course differs from one school to another. It is expected that the students in the eleventh class should carry on with the course of class 12 along with their normal course.

Higher education: Let us throw some light on the higher education, which actually portrays the University level. The entry to reputed universities is possible only when you pass out the entrance examination successfully. Well the best would be if you bear to get admission in the public universities. In fact, this is a step towards a bright future indeed. The exam holds a lot of importance for the children belonging to the lower strata. However, statistics revealed only 20% of the population passed the examination in 2004.

This is the gist of the education system in Vietnam.





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