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Education in Turkey

Education In Turkey

The Turkish Government plays a sincere role to look after the education system in the state. In fact, it came into force just after the Turkish war of Independence. According to the amendments of 2001, the children should go for taking the education for 12 years. Sources revealed that about 1.5 million children complete the graduation annually. However Turkey ;lacks in providing public institutions as a results parents from the middle class society has to strive to get admission of their children in the private schools. Apart from all these, the Turkish government has endeavored to implore a secured education system giving prime importance to the social and economic principles.


Primary level of education in Turkey:

Primary schools are also called as the first school level 1. It actually lasts for 4 years and mainly divided into two sections public primary school and private primary school. The admission fees of the private schools vary from one place to another.IN Turkish the private schools are known as college. Moreover, the public schools provide free education. The alien language taught in the private schools is of much better quality compared to the public schools. At the same time, the private schools usually prefer to get teacher who have a got a fluency in speaking up in regional language. The main subjects that are taught in the sixth and seventh classes comprise of math, science, social studies, and Turkish and Foreign language as well.


Middle school:

This is also known as the First school level 2.In the middle school also you will see both public and private schools are found. The fees from the private differ from region wise while the public schools do not charge anything from the students. They also follow the five main subjects as of the primary school.


High school:

The education in the high school lasts for four years. It is evident that there are a prolific array of high schools like the Anatolian high school, public high schools, and the science high school. All of these function out separately. The Anatolian high school provides education focus on educating the students based on the foreign languages. The science high schools endeavor to provide lessons related to science. There are some others like social high schools, military high schools police high schools, teacher high schools, Electrical vocational high schools, industrial vocational high schools. In fact, the students over there are given the liberty to go for their own desirable subjects.



It has 820 universities providing higher education comprising over 1 million students. In the undergraduate level, the universities provide two to four years of education. There are some exceptional universities, who take an extra year to inculcate the English courses. Moreover, the expense of the public universities is quite low as compared to the private universities. It is seen that the private associations always charge a high fees. From 1998, universities haven enforced with power to charge more fees by coming into corporate terms with the industries.




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