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Education in Thailand

Education In Thailand

The Ministry of education takes care of the education in Thailand. The Thai government monitors the education pattern from pre school stage to the senior high school. Moreover, the constitution offers the basic education that is without any kind of costs. Students have to appear for the school for at least nine years that by rule is compulsory. Children need to spend twelve years for their formal education, which is divided into basic education and the secondary education. At the same time, you could see that the basic education is again segregated into two parts where the primary education takes place for six years and the secondary education for six years.


Education structure:

The school is divided into four important types. The first three years in the elementary school are attended by the children belonging to age clans of 6 to 8.The second level is attended by the children belonging to the age of 9 to 11.The students belonging to the age group of 12 to 14 make up for the third level. While you can see that, the children belonging to the age group of 15 to 17 go for the upper secondary schools. In addition to this, you will also see that the students also do enter the vocation upper secondary schools and the academic upper secondary school. Moreover, comprehensive schools are also found that offers education in both the tracks like the academic and the vocational.

Children going for the academic track usually decide to enter the university while the students get inspired from the vocational schools to prepare for getting jobs .In order, to get admission to the upper secondary levels the children has to give entrance test. Children passing out from the sixth year in high school have to appear for two exams as Advanced National education test and ordinary national education test.

The government looks after the public school while the private schools are run by the private sectors charging high fees. The charitable organizations generally run the non-profit organization. The religious order runs about 300 types of primary and secondary schools all over the state. In village or sub districts, the elementary schools are found while in the towns, schools starting from kindergarten until the senior secondary.


Some more facts:

The Universities and colleges offering higher education is controlled by the government provide great exposures through fields of medicine, art, information technology, and humanities. However, some students take a keen interest in studying business and law especially in the Western universities in Foreign countries. Apart from these, there are students who decide to study in the local universities.

In Thailand, you can also see that they have introduced international schools, vocational schools, teacher-training centers. In order to make education reach the domain of the working professionals, they have started the distance-learning mode with the help of the TV.

Thus, to ensure proper learning of the children, the government has taken measures to nurture the education in the niche of the students.




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