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Education in Russia

Education In Russia

The ministry of education and Sciences do regulate the education system in Russia. It is also seen that the regional government looks after the curriculum as stated by the federal laws. Prior to 1990 the tenure of the discipline was for 10 years but after 1990 the tenure was extended for 11 years. Sources revealed that both the females as well as the males receive equivalent education but in the field of the tertiary education, the women are in the lead role acquiring 57% seats. The education is made in the state ruled schools.

Features of the education system in Russia:

Education in the pre school level:

You can see that in the urban areas they have provided a free form of primary and kindergarten education to children belonging to the age group of 1to 3 and 3 to 7.In fact by the end of the year 1980 a profound increase was witnessed in the number of the preschools. This way the workload of the secondary school was also increased. As a result, the government has to extend the class until 11 standards. In addition to this, the kindergarten schools always aim at teaching the children to develop their social skills and physical tolerance as well.

On the sad note after the separation of the Soviet Union, the kindergarten schools were sold as the real estate property for building offices. Later on, the economic development backed by other historical developments stated that in Moscow kindergarten schools have waiting lists as well. For this, the Moscow government has launched the special kindergarten commission to enroll children as soon as they are born .Initially the names are in the waiting list, and then when they grow they are admitted.

Education in the secondary level:

Before 2007, the secondary education was compulsory but after the year 2007, the education to ninth standard was made compulsory. However, the 10th and 11th standard was optional. In fact the government in Moscow provides that the children have to receive compulsory education till 11 th standard. In fact, a child of 15 to 20 years can leave the school in the middle only after the permission granted by the local authorities as well as the parents.

It is also seen that the secondary level of education is segregated into three classes elementary, middle and the senior classes. Depending on the brain development of each child, they are admitted to the first grade at the age of 6 or 7.It is also seen that the classes of the elementary school are segregated from the other classes .However they tend to remain in the same school building. After completing the nine years, the children have the privilege to choose alternatives like if they want they can also join the professional training school while others can opt to go the normal schools. The professional schools provide certificate that do qualify their normal schools as well. The country provides outstanding opportunities for the mentally and physically disabled children too.





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