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Education in Philippines

Education In Philippines

Initially the education system in Philippines followed the curriculum of USA and Spain. However, now things have taken a reverse gear. The education is governed by the Education Department. They do perform various types of work from recruiting the teachers to providing subsidy to the schools. Moreover, they also do provide ample of funds for various types of equipments required for the school. Above all, the education Department also supervises that education curriculum of the schools and the colleges.

Take a tour of the education system of Philippines:

Elementary form of education: The elementary school is also known as the grade school or the primary school. It actually covers the initial six years of the basic compulsory level of education. Moreover, they are segregated into three parts as the compulsory level, primary level, and the intermediate level. The compulsory covers one to six grades, while the primary covers the one to there grade and the intermediate includes four to six grades. The tenure of the elementary form of education is quite long compared to the junior and high school. In the public schools, it is seen that the children have to take major subjects as mathematics and Filipino while they also include the major versions of political science and other value education. In addition, the grades 1 to 3 have to know one of the regional languages of the Philippines especially their mother tongue. It is seen that during this stage English language should not be used as a medium of lecture rather it is used from 4 to 6.

Secondary level of education: The secondary school is also known as the high school and it follows of the discipline of the USA. Moreover, it comprises of four different levels and each one focusing on the particular type of education. The department of education has set some compulsory form of education for both the private and the public school. The selective schools generally provide an opportunity to the students where they can be take any kind of desirable language. If they want, they can also indulge in literature and other computer training themes. For instance, the Chinese schools do concentrate on the cultural activities, while the preparatory one indulges accounts and other business studies.

Technical level of education: TESDA always endeavor t provide vocational and technical assistance to the students so that they can prosper in technically. It is seen that the education is looked after by the Government or the private institutions. The tenure of the program varies from few weeks course to two-year diploma courses. You can get glimpses of a prolific array of courses as electronics, computer, nursing, and hotel and restaurant management. In addition to this, business courses are also included like the welder, electrician, plumber etc.

In Philippines, you can also come across some other types of schools as the laboratory high schools, science high schools, American, Japanese etc. You should definitely look at a glance about their basic education system, which has helped the country to prosper.





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