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Education in Maxico

Education In Maxico

Guys the word education has a strong implication in our day to day life. Since birth, parents start to make plans about enrolling their children to the best educational institution. This is necessary too ensure a secured future. Today the whole world has accepted the notion very diligently. In the context, let us concentrate on the education system of Mexico. In Mexico, the secretariat of the public education looks after the system. In fact, the rules of education are governed by the Ministry, but the independent universities do follow their own set of rules and regulations. There privileges are barred to any defined religion. The religious confined schools are actually the private schools but public schools are made to stay aloof from all this.

You can see that the education pattern in Mexico is actually segregated into three basic steps: primary school, junior high school and the high school.

Primary level of education: The primary school is also known as the elementary school. It actually comprises of the grade from 1 to 6.Morever, it always intend to give the preliminary education to the children. In addition to this, the school always tries to follow a bilingual structure where the lecture is given in two languages. Sources revealed that the first portion of the education is given in Spanish Language while the second portion of the education is given in English or French language. In Mexico, the expense incurred in the private schools is quite higher compared to the public schools.

Junior high school: The junior high school is also known as the middle school. It usually consists of grades from 6 to 9.It is stage prior to the higher school and it follows the curriculum of the preliminary compulsory education. Moreover, this level also concentrates on providing knowledge in various subjects as physics, world history, and chemistry.

Education in High school: The high school usually provides education to the children belonging to the age group of the 15 to 18.It mainly consist of the grades ranging from 9 to 12.In addition, here the students get an opportunity to select two methods of education. The first one concentrates on the Sep program and the second one do focus on the university-indulged one. This actually takes place in the form of six semesters and the first one generally includes one common form of subject. From next semester, you can choose from social science and physical sciences.

Higher level of education: Here the higher education actually follows the curriculum of USA. The bachelors degree take place for four years, the master degree takes for two years, and the doctor’s degree take place for 3 years. Now depending on the discipline of the universities or the colleges the undergraduate program takes place in the form of quarters or semesters.

Hope you understood the education pattern in Mexico. All individuals have the right to go for his or her profession. In fact, the Mexico government is always there to support them. 




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