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Education in Iran

Education In Iran

It is seen that the education pattern in Iran is demarcated in a different way compared to other parts of the world. It is seen that the education is divided into two stages where k to 12 works out under the supervision of the education Minister while the Ministry of technology and science looks after the Higher education in Iran. Thus, today Iran is fledged with a variety of education schemes that provides an opportunity for all to get proper education.
Modes of education in Iran:
Here both public and private schools, which offer free education all through out the stages. Iran always endeavors to provide the centralized form of education catering to the needs of the people. In fact, the ministry of education has to look after various parts of the education departments as providing training to the teachers, developing the textbooks, planning education, granting funds, other administrative works. It is also revealed from sources that the students in the university level have to make to promise that they are going to serve the government for the years they were in the university. Else, they need to pay lower price for that. The government has taken various measures to introduce more developed textbooks along with more skilled teachers.
Education for teachers:
In Iran education centers are also, available that is responsible for training teachers especially for the gifted children, primary and the orientation cycle. In these centers, you could get the associate degree for two years. Those who like to pursue career as a teacher should get the diploma pertaining to the high school. At the same time, they should remember that they have to sit for the entrance exam that takes place nationally. To teach the theoretical portion of 9 to 12 grades, one should have the bachelorís degree. Over all there are 7 teachers training center in Iran.
Role in Internet in education:
The use of internet is in high peak, has reached all the major areas of the country. In fact, the use is increasing day by day. Moreover, all the schools are having the facility to access over the internet.
Higher education:
The National council in Iran decides the course of discipline in the Universities. These results in a difference of the study conducted in different areas. In fact, it depends completely on the course, quality of the students and the faculty involved. The three top universities that made good rankers as the Tehran University, Tabriat Modaras University, and the Sharif University of Technology.
Womenís education:

After the Iranian revolution, the women got all the independence to carry out their education and come at par with the male sections of the society. Statistics revealed that 60%of the females take part in science and engineering technology. Infact the sex ratio also shows that the female is more compared to the males is quite higher.

These education patterns exist in Iran. The country has developed a lot in terms of women education as well.




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