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Education in Ethiopia

Education In Ethiopia

Like all other parts of the world, Ethiopia has also taken great initiatives to impart education amongst all the sections of the society. In fact, education is the indispensible rights of every human being. Despite of being a poverty-stricken country, it always endeavors to provide basic education to the population. In the early stage of 1900, the Ethiopian Orthodox Church was established; they used to look after the education. Initially, it was reported that the literacy rate in Ethiopia is only 90%.Later on, the government decided to increase the literacy rate especially in the rural areas.

The budget for each institution is decided by the higher education boards. In 2008, it has been seen that about 13,476, 104 students got admission in the government schools and in the private schools about 2,685,424.Over all, they consist of 267,191 teachers. The pay structure of the teachers is decided based on the rank they hold. The entire pay out is divided in to six types of salary scales and the teacher will be promoted to next higher position only after he or she serves the previous post fro two years. It was even seen that incentives were not given to them. However, the new scheme has changed the life of the academic staff.

It is also seen that the higher education institution selects their faculty depending on their certain pre set rules. You will also see that there is an academic commission, which used to sanction all kinds of budgets, plans, certified programs, students selection in all the colleges. The hierarchical position is followed by experienced academic staffs headed by skilled head of the departments.

In Ethiopia, journals are also published related to the AAU, these are all supervised by seven members of the committee. These members do belong to the category of wide array of disciplines. The best part is that Government provides a huge back up money for these project works. In fact, the Ministry of Finance does provide capital for all kinds of expense.

However, it is also revealed from the sources that the rate of the education fees is positively sloped in the graph. Moreover, additional fees are charged from alien students as well. Now a day the education department has also taken an initiative to reduce the cut off marks in order to instigate more students in the schools and colleges. Initially only 15% of the female counterpart anticipated to join colleges. Therefore, to motivate women’s desire for studying the decision to reduce the cut off marks to 0.2%.

Well one could see that the women generally took admission to the courses related to the pedagogical sciences and social sciences. It is evident that girls hardly do enroll in engineering, pharmacy, and agricultural courses. The ministry of education has empowered the students to study in their own regional language. That is good indeed. You should definitely like to explore more about the education in Ethiopia in depth. The Ethiopian Government is striving hard to make the education reach the zenith.





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