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Education in Egypt

Education In Egypt

The education system in Egypt has taken a new course just after the year 1990.In fact the Egyptian government has taken various initiatives to empower the education in a proper way. Moreover, demographics reported that the education system is Egypt is quite large compared to other Middle East countries. In fact the world bank coupled with organization has emphasized the Egyptian government to take nurture the child education in a more serious way. Apart from this, the government is also focusing on some other issues like appointing more educated teachers based on the merit and offering them high scales.

Over all the public education system is divided into 4 parts as basic education, which shows the kindergarten, primary education, secondary education etc. The government schools generally impart free education to the children. Moreover, it is seen that the total years of education is only 9 years that is ranging from years 6 to 14 years.

The kindergarten stage exists for two years after that you will see that the primary education stage exists for six years followed by the preparatory, which is for three years. The secondary schooling stage exists for 15 to 17 years. The economic condition of the state tells many things about it. You will see that the state always shows a huge gap between the poor and rich based on the education. This stage is called as the wealth gap. In Egypt, the wealth gap accelerates to a higher point of about nine to ten years.

It is really a sad thing on the part of the country. Therefore, researchers do comment that the country should take proper initiatives in order to improve the level of education. However, they achieved a lot through the universal law of equal education. Moreover, the discrimination between boys and girls has also reduced.

Moreover, Egypt also passed a plan of the National Strategic plan for Pre university Education reform. This is to ensure that the country achieves a sustainable form of knowledge for sake of the development of the society. It always endeavor to follow some of the main curriculum like the proper assessment of the teachers, active participation of the teachers, learning about various things, Providing proper elementary textbooks and other learning essentials.

It is seen that the students have to undergo various types of exams based in promotions except in 3, 6 and 9.In class 11 and 12 they have to appear at the national or regional based board examinations. In addition to this, the ministry of the education makes proper decision to control the education at three basic centers. They are the National center for Curricula development, research education and the national center for education. All these centers have their own head supervising their own policies pertaining to education.

You should definitely go through the education structure of the Egypt. It is one of the great places with outstanding scenic beauties but the government has also extended hands to deliver more and more quality education the children.




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