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Education in Brazil

Education in Brazil

To all of you the term education has its own importance .Millions of people is working heart and soul to provide their wards the proper education. In fact, empowering education is the responsibility of every civilized society. It is seen that people from all the spheres of the society want that their children should be educated to meet all the requirements of their life. This is possible only when you are ready to become educated by every means. Let us highlight some points on the education system of Brazil.

In Brazil, you can see that the education system works completely under the supervision of the Federal Government via the Ministry of education. The schools have to follow the principles as laid by the ministry. In fact, the local and the state government has to reinforce laws stated by the ministry of education. In addition to this, they need to follow all the guidelines and principles very studiously.

The education is actually segregated in to three levels coupled with lots of grades. The fundamental education should be availed by everyone belonging to the age group between 6 to 14 years. While the middle school education is also given, free. Then is the higher education, which is actually given in all kinds of the public universities.

The pre school education is kept optional and is provided for the growth of the children under six. In addition to this, you would see that they also focus on giving motor skills and other social skills to the children. In fact, they have successfully provided the fertile education to all the children. You will also come across nursery schools for children under the age of 2 while the kindergarten is available for 2 to 3 years. The city government takes care of the public pre schools.

It should be remembered that the children should be at least 6 years of age for getting enrolled. However, in some place education is imparted to children below 6 years. The federal council has organized the curriculum which includes subjects like history, geography, mathematics, science, Portuguese language. In addition to this, they have also included two other foreign languages as English and Spanish.

You would also see that the fundamental education is segregated in two parts where the first one includes one to five years. The second phase consists of the age group from 6 to 9 years. In addition to all these you see that the single teacher for every group. Secondary education continues for three years. One can also take training in other field along with the main course subjects.

The higher education is not compulsory if one wants can definitely pursue that. At the same time, the students have to pass the entrance examination in order to pursue the particular course of study.If anyone wants to pursue study in Brazil, you should definitely garner adequate information from the net. It is time to empower proper education to the whole world. Face all the challenges of life bravely.




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