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Education in Bangladesh

Education In Bangladesh

Education has achieved a lot of importance in country like Bangladesh. Today people from all the spheres are receiving education under the direct subsidy of the government. In fact, the government runs the primary, secondary, and higher secondary schools. It is also seen that the government do provides funds for many of the private schools as well. Moreover, the government do provide subsidy to fifteen universities via the university grants commission. The constitution of Bangladesh states that education should be provided to all. In addition to this, the article 17 of the Bangladesh constitution reveals that children belonging to the age group between six to eighteen years will get free secondary education.

The education system in Bangladesh has three segments namely general education, madrasah and the technical education. Each of these segments has five levels. Let us concentrate on that.

Primary and secondary level of education:

In Bangladesh, the primary and secondary education is under control of the seven general education boards. These actually cover districts as Barisal, commila, Chitaging, Dhaka, Dinajpur, Rajshahi etc. Moreover, if one wants to get the religious education, can definitely get in the government controlled Marsha schools. In about six regions, the secondary education takes place, which actually works based on the two popular public examinations called the SSC and HSC.

Focusing to the non-government institutions, where the intermediate level of the non-governing body plays an important role. They actually looks after maintaining the expenditures, controlling budget, recruiting the staff etc.In fact, it is also seen that the teachers in these are actually appointed by the school management committees. In case of the government schools, the school management committee is not present. In case of the government schools, the headmaster alone runs the school under the direction of the deputy director. In order, to ensure safety of the children Parent Teachers Association is also there.

Tertiary level of education:

The University Grants Commission runs the tertiary level of education. In fact, at this stage the colleges are under the restriction of the national university. Here the medical colleges are under the public university. The best part is that in Bangladesh the universities are independent bodies run by the Academic Council, Syndicate, and the Senate.

The mode of English medium schools in Bangladesh:

Most of the schools in Bangladesh are English medium schools and discipline takes place in English language only except one regional language. These schools are all run by the private organizations. In addition to this, the students need to give all kinds of examination catering to the needs of their future. The general certificate examination takes place from the recogniosed universities of Bangladesh. Children those who wish to appear for these examinations have to follow the curriculum of the GCE. Moreover, these examinations are looked after by the British council of Bangladesh.

You can also browse the net to get more information regarding the education pattern in Bangladesh. Hope you will also support their outstanding effort for building the future of the children




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