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Education in Germany

Education In Germany

German always empowers education to all the sections of the society. In fact, the Ministry of education looks after appointing the teachers. The country has faced a revolution where the parents are empowered to express their views and raise their voice against any kind of wrong things imposed by the school administration. The schools generally have 600 to 800 children on an average. Moreover, the schools also have their own representatives elected by the students only.


A complete overview of the education in Germany:


Pre school level of education:

In German, the pre school stage is called the kindergarten. However, this is not the part of the school stages. Mostly the children belonging to the age group of 3 to 6 attend the kindergarten stage. These educational institutions for the children are governed by the churches, administrative bodies, or local bodies. The best part is that they actually follow a certain rule set by them. One more important thing about the kindergarten is that the providing fees are not complulsory, but surely, it is not free of charge.

Sometimes, the funds are provided by the head of the local administrative authorities. These things entirely depend on the income status of the parents. The people who are appointed to take care of the children should be qualified for three years or should receive the formal training. The school starts from 7pm to 5am.In fact there are nurses who can work autonomously by taking care of five children. They generally take of the children who are up to three years of age.


Primary level of education:

Parents in German always have an option to get the wide array of elementary schools. The best will be to admit the children to the state schools because the state schools never charge fees from the students. One basic thing that should be highlighted is that the schools in the well off areas get all the facilities than those in the discarded areas. However, parents show a great move whenever, the children attain the age of going to schools parents belonging to the working and middle class stratum begin to shift.


Secondary level of education:

Well the secondary level of education is segregated into four main parts, which include elementary school, exit exam, grammar school, and the comprehensive school. It completely depends on the students which one they want to go for. Just after passing from any of the schools, the children can get admission in the voluntary schools. The course goes for two to three year. During this time, the children should attend the classes two to three times in a week. When the voluntary course goes on, the student is considered a part time employee of that country. After getting the degree they are ready to set off with their career .One thing, they should make sure that once the schooling gets over they should take the leaving certificate.

This was in brief the general education pattern in a beautiful country called German.




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